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How We Work

When designing our new website, we knew we needed a powerful image for Intech Summit Group. But how do you visually represent an executive search firm? Looking at some San Diego landscape images by a local photographer, we spotted this one of a snowy egret entitled “Fishing for Breakfast”. Not knowing anything about this species, we did our research. It turns out, ISG and snowy egrets have a lot in common.

Snowy egrets range from coast-to-coast and they are ingenious hunters. They use a variety of methods: stalking their prey in shallow water, “dip-fishing” while flying just above the water, ambush hunting, and also finding food in open fields around domestic animals. They nest in colonies with other waders, and they can be a bit aggressive.

Obviously, at ISG our candidates aren’t “prey” and we don’t “stalk” anyone. However, we do have our own successful methods for identifying, vetting and attracting the most talented people out there working in Consulting and Healthcare. Oftentimes, the best candidates aren’t even thinking about making a change until we approach them. For several decades, we’ve built up our nation-wide network of partners and contacts. We can be aggressive, too, making sure our clients get the human resources you need to succeed.

That’s the story of ISG and the snowy egret. For a specific breakdown of how we work, please see below.

We get to know you, your needs, services and goals, in order to act as an extension of your organization.
To ensure a successful outcome, we have to be able to “tell your story” to potential candidates.
Search ISG utilizes many search tools and recruiting methods, including an extensive database of qualified leads.
We are experts at finding the top talent in the fields of Healthcare and Consulting.
Our approach enables us to dedicate quality time and attention to each person we come in contact with, treating every candidate with respect, and offering expert advice and follow-through.
We set up interviews, make travel arrangements, negotiate offers/counteroffers, and do thorough reference checks upon request. No detail, large or small, is overlooked with our process.
Your search process is always conducted on a strictly confidential basis, for both client and candidate.
Never will we reveal information or send a resume without your knowledge and consent.
We work efficiently and effectively to fill your company's recruitment needs - large and small.
Conducting a thorough and complete search to identify the best candidates takes time and delivers results.
At ISG, we pride ourselves on relationship building with both our clients and our candidates.
The time we invest getting to know you enables us to offer our best assistance and superior hires.

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